Hair Extensions

How much do hairlocs™, dreamcatchers™, klix™ and platinum seamless™ hair extensions cost?

Each look is custom down to the hair color, texture, and amount of strands/hair, and length desired. The consultation was created to explain the options available for different price estimates.

Why do I need a consultation for hair extensions?
Since custom looks packages can range between $500-$2000 (includes hair), a consultation will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision that will work best for  your hair needs. It also gives me the opportunity to create a low and high estimate to clearly reflect your individual needs and budget.

How long does the application take?
Depending on the method, a full head application will take approximately 3-6 hours and includes the blended cut.

How do hairlocs™, dreamcatchers™, klix™ and platinum seamless™ hair extensions work?
The hair extension system starts with 100% human hair from Spain, Russia and India. It is then applied using a patented cold application by a certified stylist. Unlike other methods, the process uses NO CHEMICALS, HEAT, or GLUE, and is completely safe and painless to apply.

Will hairlocs™, dreamcatchers™, klix™ and platinum seamless™ hair extensions damage my natural hair?
There is no tension, stretching, chemicals, heat or glue (fusion) used on the application or take down process. Therefore, your hair is left undamaged and healthy.

Do I have to use special products for my hair extensions?
Most products are compatible with the various hair extension methods. Bring in your favorite products and I will discuss them at your consultation. I have tested products that I feel will give you the same or better results and work well with these extension methods.

Can you see them?
The extensions are always applied behind the hair line and away from the natural partings. The patented loc attachments are color matched to your hair color so they blend naturally with your hair. Undetectable.

Are they comfortable?
There is no discomfort. The feeling most people report is similar to having a small bobby pin in their hair, and even that goes away after the first few days.

Can I care for my hair like normal?
Thanks to this cold application method, you can color, perm, swim, and care for your hair like normal. Have fun and invent your own look with the full, thick, long hair youve always wanted.

Will the hair match my color and texture?
Absolutely. I will match your color and texture perfectly. Custom blending is my specialty! I have every color and every texture.

How long do they last?
The life of your extensions range from 6 to 12 months depending on the nature of your look and the speed at which your natural hair grows. I use 100% full cuticle hair which enables you to re-use it through maintenance applications, extending the life of your investment.

How often do I need maintenance after the initial application?
Most clients will come in every 3-4 months. Of course, this may vary depending on growth and or natural shedding.

If my hair is damaged from chemicals, can I have hair extensions put in?
Yes, absolutely! It is the safest thing to protect your hair while it is growing out. My concern Is to protect your hair from any damage so that you can improve your look with confidence. In some cases, clients experience hair growth and fortification because the extensions force them to stop over processing. And as always, I strand test at your consultation.

How long does my own hair have to be?
You only need 5" of growth.

Will I be able to wear my hair up?
I apply the extensions with that in mind, so you can wear your hair in multiple styles.

Can I just add volume without length?
Yes, volume can be achieved with even a few well placed hair extensions.